How To Do Transcendental Meditation: A Beginner’s Guide

The daily pace and commitments of our modern life can sometimes make us feel stressed and overwhelmed.

Carving out daily moments of calm and stillness is essential.

You might have heard of, or even tried, meditating. But do you know that meditation comes in different forms?

In this article, we will explore transcendental meditation: what it is, how it works, and what benefits it brings.

“Meditation is not about stopping thoughts, but recognizing that we are more than our thoughts and our feelings.” — Arianna Huffington

What Is Transcendental Meditation?

The practice of meditation is associated with several ancient cultures, countries, and religions.

In our modern world, meditation is a widespread ritual that many people incorporate into their daily lives as part of their self-care routine.

One of the most practiced meditation techniques is transcendental meditation. This involves choosing a mantra and repeating it throughout the session, with the aim of calming the body and the mind.

It’s important to note that, when we talk about “mantra”, we don’t just refer to a simple word or phrase. A mantra can be represented by a specific visualization that the individual selects due to its power of enabling a still, peaceful mind.

Do I need to wear special clothes to meditate? Here’s the answer :

Transcendental Meditation for Women

What Are the Benefits of Transcendental Meditation?

As with all other types of meditation, transcendental meditation can help you combat stressful and anxious feelings by quieting your inner and outer noises.

More specifically, transcendental meditation is great for:

Learning the Basics of Transcendental Meditation: How, When, and Why

As we mentioned, one of the core elements of transcendental meditation is the mantra. Once you have chosen yours, you will need to keep repeating it silently for at least 15-20 minutes.

Let’s now delve deeper into what a typical transcendental meditation looks like.

First of all, you will need to find a quiet, dimly-lit place. Make sure that there are no distractions around, including music, and turn off your phone. Similarly, ensure that no other people or pets can disturb your practice at any time. If you like, you can create an even more intimate and comfortable space by lighting candles or using incense or other aromatherapy tools.

Now that you have found and secured your meditation space, sit in a chair or on the floor. Make sure that you are fully comfortable – you can prop yourself up and support your back with cushions, for example.

Then, close your eyes and start taking a few deep breaths, trying to relax your body. This part of your transcendental meditation practice should last up to a minute.

It’s now time to repeat your mantra. You don’t need to say it out loud – simply use your mind to guide the pace and rhythm of your mantra.

Try to stay focused on your mantra during the entire session – if you notice your mind wandering off, gently bring it back to the room.

Once the session has ended, slowly open your eyes. Don’t stand up and leave the room straight away – give yourself a few minutes to be fully aware of your surroundings, and only get up when you feel ready.

A typical session of transcendental meditation should last around 15-20 minutes. To enjoy the benefits that we mentioned, it’s recommended to practice at least once a day, every day.

Now that you know how to do transcendental meditation, you can start incorporating it into your life and enjoy its great benefits.

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